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CambridgeDocs provides scalable document transformation technology for high-fidelity XML content conversion, assembly and publishing solutions. Ideal for high-performance server applications or for professional desktops, xDoc provides multi-format flexibility across a wide variety of applications – technical documents, financial reports, graphics communications, web publishing, and more.

 Recent News

Document Sciences Announces Acquisition of CambridgeDocs
CambridgeDocs Announces xDoc Pro v3.00 Release
CambridgeDocs Announces Out-of-the-Box Support for ACORD XML Standards
CambridgeDocs Announces xDoc Structured Finance Toolkit
CambridgeDocs Announces OEM Agreement with PTC®
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xDoc Video Introduction
6 Minute High-Level Overview.
xDoc View in Action Powering Random House's Insight Widget
xDoc View in Action Powering NXTBook Media's sample of Golf Development World- Search for "golf"!

xDoc View in Action  Behind Southwire's Dynamically Generated Product Catalog

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